Well hello there, glad you're here! Welcome to MintopolyStats - the unofficial leaderboard for Mintopoly!

We've put together a basic guide to get you started and answer some of the common questions about gameplay. There is far more to the game, but this should get you in a good position to hit the ground running.

* Note * - The numbers used in this guide are subject to change, each round is a bit different and the game is continually being updated!

Where to Begin:

The basis of the game is to purchase investments to build your wealth, fighting for first place to become the next Mintopolist winner. You do this buy purchasing various investments and allowing your Net Worth to grow.

You start off purchasing rigs (Mining Rigs) until you get to the point where you can upgrade to the next investment tier. VN (Validator Nodes). Notice there is an estimation of the blocks remaining to unlock that next investment tier. As you buy your rigs keep an eye on the blocks remaining to unlock VN. Once it stops going down, or sometimes even goes up, STOP BUYING! This is the point at which they cost too much and will take longer to "pay off" the purchase rather than save up what it generates for the unlock of the next investment.

We do this repeatedly throughout all investment types, unlock it and start buying while watching the next tier's blocks to unlock, stopping when it doesn't reduce any further. Once the gap between investments gets larger we will begin staking our income to generate interest, this will help unlock the next investment quicker. A staking peroid is 500 blocks long, during this time you cannot Deposit/Withdraw anything from your staking pool until those blocks are up. So make sure not to stake if less than 500 blocks until your next investment unlock.

Once you have accomplished this, purchasing each tier with staking in between, we can go back to purchase the "max" of each investment before we begin staking for the long haul. (I would actually recommend going back and adding a few more of each investment after you hit the point of no reduction. Watching that the blocks until unlock don't go up.)


Okay! So you've unlocked all your tiers and are well on your way up the board, now let's make sure you maximize your income potential. As we get calculating we won't take compounding interest or cards into the mix. We know that the base staking interest rate is 0.02%, or as a decimal for math's sake: 0.0002 (This will change depending on staking cards).

We use this to figure out our return on investments, at what point does the investment cost too much and you would earn more from staking than from buying another? If we do 1 / 0.0002 we get 5000. Now let's look at a rig's generation amount (on average, it changes per round from time to time). A single rig generates 0.00000002, take that and multiply by 5000 which gives us: 0.0001. While buying rigs if the next one you are looking at purchasing costs more than this number, it would take longer to get the money you invested into it back, in form of the generation from the investment. Make sense?

Rinse and repeat. Start from the best tier and work your way back to rigs "maximizing" each investment until you have them all to 100%. At that point, stake stake stake like your life depends on it!

All about that Fork:

As you grow in Net Worth from building your investments and staking gains, your fork % builds along with your net at a 40% rate of your Net Worth. So if you have 10k net, you would have a potential 4k% fork to utilize. Let's say you use that fork, your game is now RESET! BUT, everything you purchase is now going to be multiplied by that percentage you had when you activated the fork.

So for example, a DEX generating 0.0001 by default would now bring in 40 times that initial rate PLUS the initial amount. So the initial 0.0001 would now generate 0.0041 of income per DEX. As you can see that is a lot more income! You will be able to build your Net Worth back up very quick and then expand beyond what you could previously. Your new fork % will begin building from 0 again as well when you use the fork, but each fork's percentage is 1/10th of the previous rate. So you are now building 4% of your net as opposed to 40%. And a third fork would be 0.4%, then 0.04%, etc...

We get the 40 times by taking your fork percent, (4000% for example) and divide by 100. Here's something to better understand why we do that, a 100% fork would be your existing income, PLUS another of the same exact income. If you generate 10mm per block, and forked at 100% you will now be bringing in 20mm per block if it was used. AKA 1x boost on investments. Now if we use 1000% for example, that would be your initial 10mm generated 100% of the way 10 more times. or 10x. You do count your default income as well though, so you would be bringing in 110mm not 100mm.

One more thing to note, forks are cumulative, not multiplicative. If your first fork is 5000% and your second fork is another 5000%, you would be adding those together and your affective fork% would be 10,000%. That is why waiting for as long as you can is very beneficial, you want to maximize what you can get out of that initial fork since it builds at such a larger rate.

Every Mintopolst has their own block number in mind and each round is different, but the general rule of thumb for forking is to wait until about the 2/3rd point of the game. Then if you want to fork a second time, wait until halfway between your first fork and the end of the game. Give or take. An example of this on a 30k block game, would be: 1st = 20k and 2nd = 25k. With that said, this will need to be adjusted according to what cards you have, when you start the game, placement on the leaderboard, etc etc. This is a simple guideline.

To Conclude:

Mintopoly! is an ever changing and math driven game. We encourage you to do some of these and other calculations on your own and find out for yourself what the optimal strategy is for you and your playing style! We're excited for the outlook of the game and are happy to provide tools and assistance as requested! Feel free to ask questions and learn more as you go. Enjoy!

- x17